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Halogen Bulbs

The light you know; the light you love.

A wide product range with brilliant quality

SYLVANIA® brand halogen bulbs provide the constant and consistent quality of light you know—producing true colors and a warm feeling for any space. With a wide variety of shapes and brightness, SYLVANIA halogen bulbs are an easy and familiar choice for any lighting application where color is important and purchase price is a major consideration.

The product range, familiarity, top brand quality and over 100 years of lighting excellence makes it easy to choose SYLVANIA brand halogen bulbs.

SYLVANIA brand halogen bulbs are available in the shapes and base styles for a wide variety of lighting applications

HALOGEN standard bulbs for general lighting applications use a standard (medium) screw base and offer all the benefits of incandescent light and more:

  • Instant on at full brightness
  • 100% dimmable
  • Up to twice the lifetime compared to standard incandescent bulbs

HALOGEN directional bulbs for putting light exactly where it’s needed:

  • BR-shapes with medium screw base for recessed fixtures and large-format track lighting
  • PAR-shapes with medium screw base in long-neck and standard designs for indoor-recessed and outdoor applications
  • MR-shapes for track lighting with pin or GU10 base designs

HALOGEN décor shapes for providing the look and feel of incandescent lighting with longer life and lower energy consumption

Brilliant benefits

Frequently Asked Questions about SYLVANIA brand halogen bulbs

Halogen bulbs are still very much compliant with US and Canadian regulations. Please use them as long as they meet your lighting needs.

SYLVANIA brand halogen bulbs do not get any hotter than standard incandescent bulbs of the same type. The innovative design actually limits outward radiation of heat. However, please use the same caution with halogen bulbs as with incandescent bulbs; the outer surface does get hot and can cause burns.

SYLVANIA brand halogen bulbs are available for either high or low-voltage applications. High-voltage bulbs are designed for 120V line voltage, or for low voltage applications (6V, 12V or 24V) which use transformers. Please consult the operating instructions for the system where the bulb is to be installed, and match that requirement to the bulb specification.

SYLVANIA brand halogen bulbs create the same pleasant lighting atmosphere as conventional incandescent bulbs.

SYLVANIA brand halogen bulbs do not contain mercury. The light bulbs can be disposed of in the household waste without problems.

Absolutely, yes. All SYLVANIA brand halogen light bulbs can be continuously dimmed—all the way from full brightness to full dark.