Fluorescent Light Bulbs

High light output, long life, superior reliability, and low energy consumption

For a wide variety of applications and requirements in the home, office, or workshop.

Fluorescent light bulbs are among the most widely used light sources in the world. Although commonly associated with commercial spaces, residential users have selected this technology in almost every room of the house including the kitchen, bathroom, family room, home office, basement, & garage. All one needs to do is look around residential spaces to see the wide variety of fixtures that use fluorescent light bulbs.

Innovative light bulbs such as SYLVANIA OCTRON® T8 and PENTRON® T5 are available in a range of shapes that offer a wide variety of design options. The main advantages of fluorescent light bulbs are a high luminous efficacy, long life, superior reliability and low energy consumption.

From the variety of color temperatures (CCT) available in fluorescent technology, one can select precisely the right light bulb from the complete SYLVANIA product family for individualized lighting requirements. Whether looking for a warm white light in 3000K CCT to provide a relaxing, cozy atmosphere and enhanced earth tones, or daylight 6500K CCT to brighten and energize a space and compliment the cool tones of stainless steel, choose the light that helps define and improve functionality of the space.”

In addition to general illumination or task lighting, fluorescent light bulbs are available in specialty types including:

  • GROLUX® light bulbs optimized to stimulate plant growth.
  • Wide-spectrum & high color rendering light bulbs to enhance vivid colors.
  • Light Bulbs for cold temperature applications such as refrigeration, signage, & unheated spaces.

Fluorescent light bulb Light in various shapes:

T5, T8, T12, circular and U-shaped Light Bulbs

SYLVANIA fluorescent light bulbs are characterized by long life, low energy consumption and an excellent price-performance ratio. The well-proven light bulb technology includes T5 tubular light bulbs (5/8” diameter), T8 tubular light bulbs (1” diameter), T12 tubular light bulbs (1 ½” diameter), as well as light bulbs with special shapes (circular and U-shaped).

  • T5 light bulbs feature high efficiency (standard HE) or high light output (HO).
  • T8 light bulbs provide a low-cost, long life solution for both commercial and residential use; also available for specialty applications
  • T12 light bulbs
  • Circular light bulbs distribute light with high uniformity due to their shape
  • U-shaped light bulbs are especially suitable for space saving and low-cost lighting concepts
  • Pin based compact fluorescent