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Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Economy, quality of light, convenience

Wide Variety – easy choice

The innovative SYLVANIA compact fluorescent light bulbs prove their worth across the board and are much more than simply a replacement for standard incandescent light bulbs.

And the best thing is: Thanks to the wide SYLVANIA product range, you will be able to find the right light bulb for the most varied requirements, fixtures and applications.

All of SYLVANIA’s compact fluorescent light bulbs have two things in common: high energy savings and high product quality. A large range of products ensures we have what you need, from twist to reflector, from Warm White to Cool Daylight, from 5 to 65 watts. Thanks to simple packaging, you can find what you need quickly and easily.



Product Features & benefits

  • Average lifespan of 10 years
  • Many shapes, wattages, color temperatures and base variations.
  • Instant on, flicker free


Product Features & Benefits

  • Average lifespan of 10 years
  • Classic shapes for recessed and chandeliers
  • Multiple color temperature

Compact fluorescent light bulbs: Strong arguments to counter outdated views

Compact fluorescent light bulbs don’t have a good reputation. Unjustified: SYLVANIA’s modern compact fluorescent light bulbs easily refute the repeated criticism leveled at this technology group.

“Compact fluorescent light bulbs take a long time to reach their full brightness.”
Thanks to advances in technology, SYLVANIA light bulbs are “Instant-On”

“Compact fluorescent light bulbs are large, are strangely shaped, and don’t fit every fixture.”
SYLVANIA light bulbs are more compact than ever, and designed to fit most traditional lighting applications.

“Compact fluorescent light bulbs are a health risk.”
SYLVANIA compact fluorescent light bulbs comply with applicable industry and international requirements

“Compact fluorescent light bulbs contain too much mercury.”
Over the past few decades there has been intensive development work to achieve a drastic reduction in the amount of mercury used in fluorescent light bulbs. The mercury content in current SYLVANIA products has been restricted to the absolute minimum needed for correct operation. This amount does not pose any significant threat to people or the environment and is not released during operation. For more information, go to: