A smart idea to brighten your home.

Experience your smart home in a different light with SYLVANIA SMART+ LED connected lights and accessories.

Stay In Control Of Your Home

Intelligent, connected lighting solutions for your home.

Easy to connect and easy to use. Our smart home lighting products can be combined with many other devices and platforms to build the ultimate smart home automation system.

Limitless Possibilities

Experience limitless possibilities with our SMART+ LED lighting products.

A large selection of smart lights, fixtures, and accessories cover smart lighting options for every part of your house – from kitchen lighting to outdoor dining.

Set to Your Schedule

Set your smart lights to a smart schedule with the swipe of a finger.

Schedule your lights to accommodate your daily routine by setting timers to turn lights on and off, and using motion sensors and switches without the need for any additional hardwiring.

Our SMART+ Home Lighting Products

Customize and automate your home lighting experience using SYLVANIA SMART+ LED connected lights, fixtures, and accessories.

Previously known as LIGHTIFY, our innovative SMART+ connected lighting products can be used across the home - from under cabinet lights in the kitchen to outdoor illuminated walkways. Set your smart lights using numerous different settings like brightness, color temperature, and light color to wake up feeling energized, relax after a long day of work, or encourage better productivity. Add even more convenience with optional switches and sensors.

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Control Your Lights with Siri and Apple HomeKit™

A simple, customizable lighting experience

With our hub free, HomeKit-enabled lighting products, you can easily and securely control your lighting experience using Siri on your Apple device.

Explore SYLVANIA Apple HomeKit Products
SMART+ kitchen

Compatible with Your Favorite Brands

We partner with a growing list of home automation companies and platforms allowing you to better personalize your smart home experience. Learn more about who we partner with and how you can get started creating the perfect smart home that works for you.

What Can Smart Lights Do For You?

From concentration to relaxation, learn how smart LED lights can simplify your daily life.

Don’t get left out in the dark. Understanding how SMART+ connected lighting solutions work and what features and benefits they provide can help improve your daily lifestyle. Not only is smart lighting easy to use, but it offers a number of ways to simplify activities you do every day while saving you money doing it.

Learn more about SMART+ connected lighting products and the benefits they offer.

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