Natural Light for Natural Living

There is no life without Natural Light. It makes us feel warm, safe, relaxed, content, happy & energized. Natural Light gives us life.

  • Life needs Natural Light after the sun goes down.
  • Life needs Natural Light to combat feelings of sadness during dark winter months.
  • Life needs Natural Light to help nighttime workers do their best.

After the sun goes down, people want to feel the benefits of Natural Light.

TruWave Technology™ mimics the natural light spectrum and wavelength intensity to support an improved sleep/wake cycle. It is a new LED Technology that provides light closer to the Natural Light Spectrum than any other LED Technology has done before.

With it's balanced blue light spectrum, it is beneficial for boosting attention, reaction times and mood

TruWave Technology uses multiple quantum wells to provide 3 Blue excitation sources which are adjusted to prevent large peaks in the blue.

The TruWave Difference: Spectra

Better Match to Natural Light

With smoother and natural light-like spectrum in the blue area and superior electronic design, TruWave technology™ helps in reducing eye strain.

With fuller spectrum and high 90+ CRI it renders natural and true colors. Our chip offers over blue to cyan wavelength within 9% of natural light.