Mother and daughter in laundry room

LED T8 SubstiTUBE®

Energy efficient and long life alternative for T8 fluorescent tubes

Switch to energy efficient lighting with SYLVANIA SubstiTUBE® LED tubes. The SubstiTUBE® is a true plug 'n play solution that is compatible with most instant start ballasts and requires no modifications to your existing fixture, which means that no rewiring is needed. It’s a quick and easy way to upgrade to LED lighting.

The SubstiTUBE® LED light bulbs are ideal for use in general lighting applications where traditional fluorescent lighting is used. But unlike traditional fluorescent bulbs, SYLVANIA LED T8 bulbs are safe and sustainable solutions that do not contain any mercury- making it perfect for areas such as laundry rooms, kitchens, and garages.


They also provide incredible energy savings. By simply replacing one four-foot T8 conventional light bulb with a SYLVANIA LED SubstiTUBE® light bulb in a typical residential application, you can save money every year, making the payback quick versus the very long life of the light bulb.