Recessed lights in kitchen

LED Retrofit Lighting

Long lasting, high quality option for high ceilings and surface mount applications

SYLVANIA provides a complete solution of retrofit products to enhance your home’s lighting. Not only are they sleek in design, but they are also quick and easy to install.

Whether they’re used for residential or commercial, indoors or outdoors, SYLVANIA LED Retrofit light bulbs deliver energy efficiency, long life, and excellent color rendering- making them a perfect choice for any retrofit lighting application.


Recessed Downlight Kits

Easily convert your existing ceiling fixtures or standard recessed cans into high quality, energy-efficient light bulbs with SYLVANIA Dimmable LED Recessed Downlight Kits. Available in 4”, 5”, and 6” sizes and in a variety of color temperatures, these light bulbs provide high performing white light that is optimized for new construction and retrofit applications.

SYLVANIA LED Recessed Downlight Kits also provide the option of an adjustable gimbal that is ideal for sloped ceilings and wall lighting. With a 30° range of motion, the gimbal gives you the ability to direct light exactly where it's needed- which is perfect for accent and display lighting.

The Recessed Downlight Kits have an integrated white trim, and can be customized with optional color trims.

For more information watch our SYLVANIA ULTRA LED Downlight Family video

Ceiling Light Bulbs

Convert your existing light bulb holder to a fixture in seconds. SYLVANIA LED Ceiling light bulbs are easy and quick to install and directly screw onto most existing plastic and porcelain light bulb holders without any wiring needed- making them ideal for hallways, basements, garages, and closets.

SYLVANIA Ceiling Light Bulbs are available in the 7” size with or without the pull chain and in the 11” size.

Ceiling Light Bulbs

Light Disk

Light Disk

SYLVANIA LED Dimmable Light Disks are surface mount downlights that combine the features of a low profile fixture with the performance and look of a traditional downlight with its contemporary, sleek design and acrylic lens that provide optimal illumination.

The LED Light Disks can be easily mounted to a standard 4” junction box or installed in 5” and 6” recessed housing- making them making it extremely versatile for both new construction and retrofit applications.

The Light Disks have an integrated white trim, and can be customized with optional color trims.