Log cabin at night with floodlights

LED PAR Light Bulbs

The perfect choice for outdoor security and landscape lighting

Enhance the beauty and security of your home with SYLVANIA LED PAR light bulbs. Designed with a sleek design and glass housing, they have the look and feel of halogen reflectors while having all the benefits of LED technology, such as increased energy efficiency and a longer life of 25,000 hours compared to their traditional counterparts.

SYLVANIA LED PAR light bulbs deliver smooth, optical illumination with outstanding color uniformity and beam quality, making them ideal for security, recessed, and track lighting applications in both indoor and outdoor spaces. These light bulbs also have superior dimming performance, so you can easily customize your light for any occasion.

Night Chaser

Night Chaser

Illuminate your home with exceptionally bright light with the SYLVANIA LED Nightchaser light bulb. Using only 26W, these light bulbs emit a powerful 2400 lumens, making them direct replacements for high power halogen and HID light bulbs and the brightest PAR38 light bulb available in the market.

The bulbs turn on instantly, providing you with reliable visibility when you need it the most. SYLVANIA LED Nightchaser light bulbs are UL wet rated, so they are the perfect choice for use in indoor high ceiling and outdoor flood light applications, and for highlighting objects around your home.

For more information watch our SYLVANIA ULTRA LED NIGHT CHASER™ video


SYLVANIA offers a complete series of full-glass, wet rated LED PAR light bulb that are direct replacements for standard 50, 75, 100, and 120 watt halogen light bulbs.

The new aesthetically pleasing design of the ULTRA LED Glass PAR light bulbs make halogen retrofits easier to spot re light bulb, while also providing up to 87 % energy savings and longer life up to 25,000 hours than traditional halogen light bulbs.