Edition 1901

"Get the Look" PenduLum®

Enrich your room with that vintage feel by pairing the PenduLum® with our Vintage or Filament bulbs.


Versatile Pendant fixture

The PenduLum® is not just any pendant fixture you have encountered. This hanging fixture is versatile due to the multiple mounting configurations that are possible. The design of a room can be changed in a split second when you install one or multiple of these fixtures.

  • Available in Brushed Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Pair with any medium base light bulb (up to 60W)
  • Create your desired length with the 6ft adjustable cord
  • Multiple mounting configurations (See below)
  • Easy to install
  • For decorative and ambient lighting in kitchens, bedrooms, living and working areas

Get the Look by adding our Vintage or Filament Lights

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Edition 1901 in dining room
Edition 1901 in the kitchen
Edition 1901
Edition 1901 in youth room

Light Up Your Way!

  • Is the position of the lighting in your room not ideal?
  • Have you ever wanted to connect more than one of your pendants together?
  • Has your lighting ever pointed in the wrong direction?

The Vintage 1901 allows you to work with all of these scenarios and many more, thanks to the versatile rope system (included with fixture). The ingeniously simple yet bold design allows you to position your light wherever you need it – adding the perfect modern touch to your carefully styled room.

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